Brunori & Associati


 We are architects, engineers and designers. But architecture is our hallmark and our passion.

A project for us means to look ahead, to imagine what does not yet exist and to make it a reality. This is what we do.

Our major works range from the creation of homes to the development of retail stores, from interior design to planning retail space, from graphic design to understanding the physicality of merchandising.

We apply dynamism and professionalism to our engagements, and often a twist of irony for good measure.

Simplicity in complexity guides our thinking.

Through our sense of the human element and personal experience Brunori & Associati adds value to every assignment. All projects and all clients are equally important to us.

  Nukom Italian Style Ltd. UK
    Studio 56 High Street Wooler
    Northumberland NE 716 BG
    Phone: +44 (0) 7563 662931


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