From the beginning, the company has set itself apart by producing products of high aesthetic impact, quality and functionality, the result of a process with a distant origin whilst retaining close ties with the philosophy of the group to which the company belongs, Giordano Holding.

A family-run Italian and Piedmont company, which has always been committed to having not only a successful entrepreneurial itinerary, but prior to that, a responsible and ethical commitment, from a viewpoint of sensitivity to the environment and the social context.

The use of plastic as a key element of its activity, due to its unrivalled technological and aesthetic properties, does raise major challenges and with it a commitment that do not call for neglect but to be tackled through concrete arguments and responsibilities by stressing the differences, the opportunities and the advantages of this precious resource.

  Nukom Italian Style Ltd. UK
    Fourstones, Burnhouse, Wooler
    Northumberland NE716ST
    United kingdom
    Phone: +44 (0) 7563 662931


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