Nukom Italian Style Ltd. was born with the precise intention to provide support to productive entities which intend to invest in Italy  and which appreciate the unique italian Style  in interior design, choice of locations and taste.

The experience matured over the last 25 years  renders Nukom Italian Style an efficient and solid partner for those who in the present market fragmented and unstable, is looking for a point of reference able to adjust in a dynamic manner to everchanging situations. The success of Nukom is in fact due to the great attention it pays to the study of the general background and by planning long term actions and controlling that any such actions remains actual in time.

The key success of Nukom lies in their attention for details in the study of the market in the attention to the client needs and their going along with him in the realization and in the growth of its business idea by supporting him with the necessary technical and structural tools.

Nukom Italian Style offers its services to:
-English companies who wish to open sales points in Italy and are in need of help in the search of an adequate location, a verification of the actual state of the property, bureaucracy matters at all levels, possible construction interventions, design, formats, site direction and personnel selection. In a few words all that is to be included in the “Contract Service” formula.

-English companies which intend to open sales points in the UK with projects and formats realized by italians and italian styled.

-Italian clients who wish to open point od sales in the UK and need Nukon Italian Style in the market research phase, the management and supply of furniture and all that is needed in the preliminary phases to activate the business.

  Nukom Italian Style Ltd. UK
    Fourstones, Burnhouse, Wooler
    Northumberland NE716ST
    United kingdom
    Phone: +44 (0) 7563 662931


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